24 Hour BP Monitor

24-hour BP monitor is done to monitor the blood pressure for 24 hours. This exam is done to rule out any blood pressure problem (hypertension/hypotension)

What you can expect

You will be carrying a small portable blood pressure device with you for 24 hours. This device will record your blood pressure for 24 hours while you are doing your daily activities. The clinic staff will set up the device for 24 hours and you will return the device once the 24 hours cycle is completed at the same location. The specialist will analyze your results. You will be asked to record any of the symptoms including vigorous activity, sleeping time, medication time on a separate daily (clinic staff will provide),

Preparation for consultation

  • Please wear comfortable clothing on the test day.
  • Do not drink any caffeinated drinks 1 hour prior to the exam.
  • If you don’t speak English, please bring someone to translate for you or let the receptionist know ahead of your test; we will arrange one for you.
  • There is no restriction on your medication, so you can take your medications as you normally would (unless indicated otherwise by your doctor)