Carotid Ultrasound

Carotid ultrasound is done to examine the blood flow in the carotid arteries. Carotid arteries deliver blood to brain from heart. Any obstruction in the blood flow due to narrowed or blocked arteries can increase the risk of stroke.

What you can expect

This test will be done in the designed room. This exam will be performed by a trained technician. The sonographer will press the probe against the side of your neck.

Preparation for the exam

  • You can eat and drink as you normally would.
  • There is no restriction on your medication, so you can take your medications as you normally would (unless indicated otherwise by your doctor).
  • If you don’t speak English, please bring someone to translate for you or let the receptionist know ahead of your test; we will arrange one for you.
  • We will require your friends and family to wait in the waiting area unless they are needed to translate or provide care.
  • Children will be not allowed in the exam room.