Stress echocardiogram

Stress echocardiogram is done to evaluate the function of heart and valves, to determine the tolerance ability of your heart to exercise. In this test, ultrasound of the heart and stress test will be combines to capture the images of resting and stress heart to rule out cardiac complications.

What you can expect

This exam will be done under the designated room. The technician will place the electrodes on our chest monitor your heart activity throughout the test. If your doctor ordered an exercise stress echocardiogram, you will be running on a treadmill for the period of time, followed immediately by an ultrasound of your heart.

Preparation for consultation

  • Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes on the test day.
  • If you don’t speak English, please bring someone to translate for you or let the receptionist know ahead of your test; we will arrange one for you.
  • Do not eat anything 2 hours prior to the exam (you may have water or juice at any time)
  • There is no restriction on your medication, so you can take your medications as you normally would (unless indicated otherwise by your doctor)
  • Bring the list of medication with you on the exam day.